Trying to fly…

It’s been almost 10 days since I’ve been flying thanks to the weather. My booking today looks to be canceled too! The 172s are booked solid this entire week but I was able to squeeze in a booking for 7am on Friday. I need to get this last solo flight in before I can progress any further.


I still hope and plan on getting my license before the end of summer (Sept 23rd). I have a lot of bookings set up and I can only hope these afternoon t-storms stop popping up soon.

The classes that are being offered next semester are “Instrument Procedures” and “Basic Aircraft Systems”. I’m unsure what the difference between Basic Aircraft Systems and Aeronautics are. I think the former just goes into greater detail of aircraft systems. Let’s hope that neither of these classes get canceled.

If I can go flying on Friday I would be practicing slow flight, forced approaches, and stalls. Of course I’m going to throw in a few steep turns for good measure. I think this time I’m going to head to the east to the Claremont training area.

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