Within Grasp!

My navigation class last night was excellent. Last weeks class was canceled so it was nice to get back into things.

We learned how to fill out a NavCanada flight plan and went over how to make en route observations and apply them to the course correction techniques (double angle, etc..) we learned earlier.

I need to spend a few hours planning some sample trips that were given (the same ones that you can choose from for the PPL exam). I want to be able to whip up these plans without having to spend three hours on each leg ;)

A classmate got his PPL this past week. He is going to head up north to Muskoka to get his float rating and start his Commercial training on the floats. So congrats to him!

I want to get my PPL by the end of summer and ideally my night raiting before November. I haven’t been flying in a while and I’m anxious to get up. I have a solo booking for tomorrow evening. The forecast is showing 30°C (without the humidex) and I have a feeling I wont be able to go because of the weather. Saturday and Sunday are not looking promising either (too hot).

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