Dual Long X-Country a No Go

My FI called me at 6:30am in the morning to see what I thought of the weather and if it was sutable for our long x-country. I had gotten up at 6am to be prepared for the call.

The flight was scrubbed because the GFA was showing thunderstorm activity around Buttonville around the time I was to depart. Additionally the METAR for Muskoka was showing really low visibilities and ceilings.

Needless to say, I went back to bed ;)

I had a lesson a few days later which was all about instrument flying. Rain was moving in from the north so we headed to the east practice area.

My FI handed me her foggles and the exercise began. Doing simple things like climbing and descending turns. I’m still amazed how well some of the rules of thumbs work. In this case I was using the “100rpm” for every 5KT in speed to adjust my speed and descent rate.

I can hear my FI keeping a close eye on the ATIS at the airport to see how the weather was progressing over there.

Our lesson ended up being cut short when the rain was over the airport. I took off the foggles and flew the rest of the way to the airport in the rain. That was fun!

My FI quizzed me on what kind of visual illusions that I should be aware of now that there is wind on the windshield. If necessary she was going to call heights above the ground as I was on final.

It was a good flight. I actually felt comfortable not being able to see outside. I found my self fixating on the heading indicator. My FI thought that was an “interesting” instrument to fixate on. I was pretty good in keeping my scan going though.

Tonight’s lesson is in the simulator. This will be the first time in the sim since my first lesson.

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