Simulator Broken

I got to the airport yesterday and was told that the simulator was busted. No worries, we just hopped into a plane.

Did a short field with obstacle take off and almost just as soon my FI told me to put the foggles on.

The entire flight was done with the view limiting device. I only really knew where we are by the radio calls my FI were making. We did the flight test which I executed within tolerances. The only issue I had was that my rate one turn (a 360 degree turn in 2 minutes) was 5 seconds too fast… but not a huge deal.

On the way back it was all “under the hood”. My FI just gave me headings and altitudes to fly while approaching the airport and in the circuit. On short final she made me take the foggles off and land. Transitioning from IFR to VFR wasn’t as hard as I thought… just had to make sure to keep my eyes outside.

My next lesson is booked for Thursday in the simulator.

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