Navigation Exam Time!

With the end of a semester comes exams. I only have one, but its the one I’m least prepared for.

Navigation.. such a bitch. All of the things I’m learning will never be used in the “real world”. However it is in the theory that can by applied.

What scale is the VTA in? What map projection does the VNC use? How wide is a VHF airway? How much does that airway diverge? What are the pros and cons of using a Transverse Mercator projection versus a Lambert Conic projection? When do you use the one in sixty rule? When would you use the double angle method of regaining your track?

All of the above questions can be answered by three letters… GPS.

Of course I wont have a GPS in my 172 when I fly around for fun. I wont be tracking VORs and flying airways either!

This was probably my least favorite class so far just because of the content.

There is another credit that I need to take that I know is pointless: Economics. Really not looking forward to that one.

I will find out my marks on Aug 26th.

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