Being sick sucks

I’ve come down with a cold that hit me pretty hard today. I was supposed to go on a solo flight today to prep for my pre-test flight on Saturday. That didn’t happen.

So instead I spent the day studying for the PPL written test and bummed around in MS Flight Sim. I finally updated my “ground school” section with a post about intercepting a NDB track.

School has been going good. We’ve already had a test in Instrument Procedures which I think I did alright in. Next class we will be learning how to read approach plates! I’m a keener so I’ve been practicing the Buttonville NDB 21 approach in MS Flight Sim today. I have no idea if I’m doing it right as I am just guessing at what to do based on the plate.

Yesterday we learned about ILS. It was interesting to note that Canadian Airports do not use the “marker” system the US does. We don’t have outer, middle, and inner markers to tell us where we are in the approach. Instead we need to use DME distances or GPS/RNAV fixes.

A lot of people have been asking me questions like.. “how long does it take to get your licence”, “when did you go solo”, “how many hours do you have”. I have decided to put up a “milestones” page where I will list how long it has taken me to do/get certain things. Check back for it in the upcoming week.

I need to get my rest….

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