On Deck for October…

I elected to make today’s lesson a ground briefing to go over some things that will happen during the flight test.

I spent 0.8 hours going over some questions that I had about how the flight test is going to go. After that I wrote the “mock exam”. Here is how the next couple of weeks are going to shape out.

I am going to find out what my mark was on the mock exam. If that is 70% or higher than I’m good to go for writing the real written exam at my nearest Transport Canada office (which happens to be a 20 min subway ride from my place). I’m planning on writing that this week.

I have a solo lesson booked tomorrow to practice some air work to bring it within flight test tolerances.

I have two possible dates for my solo long x-country that I still need to do, October 8 and 15th.

I still have to do the mock flight test which I have booked for October 23rd.

This month I got a little screwed because I waited last minute to book things. In most cases all the 172’s are booked.

So I still have a lot of things to study before the 23rd. I need to go over everything a few times in my head (chair flying) before then.

Let’s hope the weather holds up for all my booked flights!

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