Learning about NDBs and VORs

Yesterday’s class (instrument procedures) was all about NDB/ADF and VORs. Specifically I learned how to intercept an NDB track and fly it inbound or out. Also learned about VORs and how to track radials.

I spent some time scouring the net trying to find a good NDB/VOR simulator that I can play with. I have MS Flight Sim that I could do some practice radio nav stuff (see my previous post) but I want to get the concepts down first.

The Flight Simulator Navigation site provides an excellent history into how NDBs came about and it goes into great detail about VORs and ILS too.

Tim’s Air Navigation Simulator has a lot of features like actually adjusting the airplanes speed, add wind. You can even use two VORTACs at the same time.

Luiz Monterio has a bunch of flash based simulators that you can play with.

I was able to find these useless videos on Google Video.

Does anyone else have any good (free) resources for learning all about ndb and vor navigation?

Next class we are going to learn how to read ifr charts and approach plates… fun!

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