On the home stretch…

It’s been a busy few weeks, nontheless my training is progressing nicely.

My goal of getting my license at the end of the month might be pushed back a few weeks mainly due to weather. However I think that I can get the written portion complete and my flight portion at least booked before September ends.

Today’s lesson went well. We went over some of the flight test excercises.. mainly upper airwork. It’s been a while since I’ve done them.. but they went ok.

By the time we got back the ATIS was showing signifigant wind changes it was now gusting and they noted that there was mechanical turbulance on final. It was a bumpy ride down, but my landing was excellent. One of the better ones in a while.

School is going good so far. Instrument Procedures is by far my favorite class. It’s interesting and it gets me excited for getting my IFR rating…

So far my plan of attack is as follows.

– Get my PPL

– Immediately after get my Night Rating

– Take a break from lessons (3-4 months) and build up some PIC x-country hours and PIC night hours

– Work on my multi/ifr rating in the spring

Back to studying for the written….

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2 thoughts on “On the home stretch…

  1. That’s awesome Blake, good luck on the written and Flight test.
    I’m just getting ready to do my written hopefully this weekend. I have to do the pre written exam (PPL) that my flight school has to get recommended for the TC written and I’m lookn to do that this weekend. I’m hoping to get my flight test done before the end of October, so hopefully thats booked in the next few weeks. The weather here in Vancouver has definetly changed to lots of rain, so hope I can get a good day for the flight test.

  2. Thanks!
    I too still have to write the “pre-exam”. I have been told that the pre-exam that my school has come up with is much harder than the actual TC exam. So if I ace that, it shouldn’t be a problem with the TC exam.
    Let me know how you do on your written.

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