I haven’t been flying in over a week. It’s been a good break since I had a lot of things to take care of (I’m now a proud owner of my first mortgage).

This weekend has been a good opportunity to do some more studying. I’ve been mainly focusing on Instrument Procedure stuff. Mainly holds. I discovered that in Canada we call it an off-set entry, but in the states they call it a teardrop entry.

Anyways. I’m ready for my flight test, both written and practical. The weather tomorrow looks like crap so I adjusted my lesson to be a ground briefing. My FI will be able to give me the written “approval” to write the written test. I also have a few flight planning questions to go over too.

I realized today that I need to write my entries in my logbook in pen, not pencil. So I’m going to spend sometime today re-writing almost a years worth of flying in pen. Boourns.

Although my original plan to get my licence at the end of September has come and go, I can see my new goal being before December. I still need to do my long x-country as well. The weather this fall has been uncharacteristically wet.

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