Study, On a Friday Night?

I know I should be studying … but I have having a hard time trying to find motivation on a Friday night.

The weather looks like it is going to hold up for my x-country on Sunday. If this high pressure system stays over Ontario for the entire day it will be a great smooth fall day for flying. I’m going to bring along my camera this time.

I just noticed a new “product” from Nav Canada. It’s called the Local Graphic Forecast (LGF) and is currently only available for the west coast. From what I can gather, it’s similar to a GFA however it is much more localized. I’m assuming they are going to roll it out Canada wide. At least I hope they do. The more tools we have at our disposal (especially when it comes to weather) the better.

I am a real big fan of a show called Mayday that appears irregularly on the Discovery Channel. It is an excellent documentary show about the factors involved in an air disaster. The format usually starts with an reenactment of the disaster with the first half being a detailed account of what happened and the last half showing you the investigation process and how they discovered what went wrong.

The show does a investigates a lot of accidents that we studied in our human factors class. Including:

The Tenerife Disaster

Aloha Airlines Flight 243

Air Transat Flight 236

British Airways Flight 5390

If you have a chance to catch the show, I highly recommend it. It usually airs on the Discovery Channel Saturdays at 2pm.

I really wish they made a windows binary of fplan.

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