I finally had a flight today to go over some pre-flight test stuff. The winds were howling at 3000′ (33KTs) and this was my first time in this “new” plane (C-GKJJ).

This was with a new FI that I don’t normally fly with.

The FI that I have been with for the past 11 months is not going to be teaching any more. I have known this for a while now and unofficially have a new FI. As with all of the FIs at Toronto Airways: he is skilled, responsible, and fun to fly with. I look forward to flying with him again. (Astute readers will now notice the gender change from “she” to “he” when I speak about my FI ;) )

Along with the upper air work we did a force approach. I did something totally risky and it paid off.

We were above 4000′ when the engine “died”. I found a field that was pretty close by and I needed to drop altitude like a rock. After the cause check and mayday call, I dropped the flaps to 40° and headed to the field.

Once you use flaps, you can’t bring them back up, only add more.

3500 feet, then 3000, did my engine shutdown and passenger briefing, 2500 feet, I think this is going to work! I did a COWLS check at around 2000′ and made the field.

After the overshoot, my FI told me how much of a risk that maneuver was and to not get into the habit of using 40° of flaps right off the bat. I could have spent a little while longer picking out a better and longer field since I was so high. I’m so used to doing these things at 2000 feet with my ex-FI.

That said, he booked my flight test for Jan 6th, with a backup date of Jan 8th, both at 10am. Let’s hope both the weather and my knowledge hold up for those two days.

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