PPL Flight Test, Here I Come!

I arrived at the airport a little early to make sure that I got all the info I needed for the dual flight.

I had previously did less than spectacular on the pre-flight test and had to re-do a few exercises: The diversion, steep turn, forced landing, and precautionary.

I usually see paramedics coming and going all the time at the airport. There was an ambulance on the apron unloading a patient from an airplane. It was a plane that has been written about by Sulako and Clumpinglitter frequently. Just to confirm, I asked my FI what kind of plane it was. It was the “loud and fast” MU-2. I think it’s actually really cute, with its stubby wings and short body.

In any case, the flight went smoothly and I’ve been recommended to do the flight test. My FI is going to try to book it this week.

I did, however, make one mistake that I’ve never made before. I slowed the plane to 60KIAS/20° flaps while I was calculating the necessary diversion paper work. I had just finished all the work for the diversion and was putting the plane back into cruise configuration:

– Full Power

– Carb heat off

– Trim, trim, trim, and trim some more..

hmm something doesn’t feel right:

FI: What’s the max flap extension speed of this plane?

Me: (answering confidently) 85 knots.

At this point, I still didn’t get the hint and my FI tapped at the flap indicator. WHOOPS! I forgot to retract the flaps! Brought them up, re-trimmed, and everything is fine. I was doing almost 100KIAS before I fixed the problem. I wont be doing that again.

We did the precautionary landing at Foxton Farms, which is inside Buttonville’s control zone. The farm is owned by the owner of Toronto Airways: Heather Sifton. This was the first time doing the precautionary at this farm. We let Buttonville Tower know what we were doing:

Me: Buttonville tower, DQG is at nineteen hundred feet and we’re going to be doing some work at Foxton Farms.

Tower: DQG, maintain VFR at all times and remain below nineteen hundred feet. Contact tower when you’re done.

It seems odd overflying the 404 at 500′ AGL, I hope I didn’t freak anyone out down there ;)

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