Flight to Burlington a Partial Success

The whole idea of flying to Burlington last weekend was to experience flying in Class C airspace with flight following.

ATC no diced me.

I ended up going under YYZs class C shelf at 1600′ both ways. Aww well.

The good news is that I was able to take my dad up during the flight. The weather was great with good visibility, light winds, and no bumps for the majority of the flight. My dad was able to spot the airport before me, about 4 miles away, so we entered the straight in downwind for runway 14.

Quick bathroom break, then back into the airplane for the trip back. I didn’t bring my logbook, so it didn’t get stamped.

I have a flight on Thursday booked.. just a short one. No particular destination in mind, just going to go sight seeing.

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4 thoughts on “Flight to Burlington a Partial Success

  1. No need to get logbooks stamped anymore (on personal flights) unless it’s for your own personal requirement. Once your licensed, your entries are your word, so you no longer need to prove things (such as airports visited) to others anymore.

  2. It would be good to hear more about how, when, and where Toronto Terminal turned you down. I’ve been refused routings I wanted from them, but I’ve never been refused service altogether — it might be worth sending a note to COPA with more details.

  3. As I was in YTZ control zone, the controller there talked to Toronto Terminal. He came back on the radio and said that I would have to stay out of the Class C and assigned me an altitude of 1600′.
    I suspect (because of the winds) that YYZ was using runways 15L/R. This would have put me right in the path of departing aircraft.

  4. Well if you go to Avcanada.ca/forums2 and then go under ATS there is a big thread about staffing issues because of flow control into Winnipeg. If you have never flown into Winnipeg then you might find it hard to understand why the thread is up to 3 pages :) I got refused any higher then 2500 feet there till outside of 40 miles…They call it a Navcanada SERVICE charge….
    Better luck next time :)

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