First Night Solo Flight

Tonight just involved a few circuits, 1.0 hours worth in fact. I brought my camera along for the ride, and naturally the photos suck. Low light, plus bouncy airplane means a lot of “artistic” photos.

I did take a video which turned out pretty good actually. It starts with me just about to turn right base for 15. The winds were coming out of 190°, which is why you see the plane crabbing to the right a little bit. I also had to do a slip, I was a little high. Turn down your sound.

Overall everything went well. Flared a little high on the first landing, but fixed that by the second time around. I had to do one overshoot because of medevac traffic who needed to take off to save someones life.

The drive down to the airport was nice as well, I love dusk. You can see a hand full of photos in the gallery.

There will be no flying for the next week or so. I have to head up north for a family function. My next booking isn’t until Sept 28th. I might squeeze a solo booking in there someplace.

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2 thoughts on “First Night Solo Flight

  1. No.. This particular plane (and only this one in the fleet) makes that noise when you put it into a slip.
    You also hear it again when I’m about to flare as well.

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