Solo Night X-Country Planned

I’ve planned a flight to Muskoka and Lindsay today to get ~2.0 solo night hours I need for my rating. The weather for tonight looks spectacular. NOTAMs at all airports are forecasting variable winds at 5 knots or less and sky clear.

I just finished my planning and decided to try out the NavCanada online flight plan filing. My first impressions about the system are that its pretty easy to use. The problem that I have, is that I don’t own an airplane, and I have no idea what plane I’m going to get at the school. I decided to file anyways since there is a good chance that I will get a particular one. After filling out all the necessary form fields I hit submit and got a confirmation that the plan was filed.

Now I just have to remember to call up NavCanada if I get a different plane that I originally filed.

If my planning is accurate, I will have 3.2 of the needed 5 solo hours after tonight. I should be wheels up by 2330Z.

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