Night Rating Complete

I completed my last 0.8 hours in the circuit. It was a bumpy ride with winds gusting to 17 knots. Even at circuit altitude the winds were probably 25-30 knots which made for a little more concentration in the circuit.

There was a lot of jet and IFR traffic that night landing on 15, while I was landing on 21. The controller would broadcast wind checks every few minuites or so as the traffic on 15 was landing in a gusty crosswind.

I adjusted my approach speed to be 5KT higher than normal due to the gusting winds and 20° of flaps only.

So what’s next? My FI suggested that I start on my Muli-IFR training right away. It’s a shame that I will have to get a new instructor as I really like this one. I’m also excited to get on the Piper Seminole and start flying a “real” plane.

In the meantime I’ve been keeping my head down in the books to prep for not only the CPL written exam but also getting prepped for the IFR training.

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2 thoughts on “Night Rating Complete

  1. When I did my Multi-IFR, I did my written first. Then I could go full speed on the flying and when I was ready for the flight test, take it. The IFR was one of the most intense but very fun rating.
    For the IFR one must have the written exam passed before the practical exam.
    Good luck!

  2. You also must have at least 1/2 (20hrs) your instrument time before you take the written exam.

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