What’s In Your Flight Bag?

I’ve been spending the past week looking around on online stores for a decently priced flight bag. The one I have now is too small. It’s a small bag that I got as work swag.



It has no issues holding all of the items I use (or don’t) on a typical flight. I am going to be adding quite a bit more weight to it now that I’m going to be starting my Multi-IFR training soon.

  • Headset. To talk to people (especially ATC)
  • CFS. Because it’s the law (and it’s nice to know stuff about where you’re landing)
  • Maps. See above.
  • Handheld GPS. I use it mostly for x-country trips for aircraft that don’t have a GPS unit. It is pre-loaded with most of the navaids, airports, and reporting points in Ontario.
  • Calculator. For when my brain fails
  • Paper towel. Checking oil, wiping things down, cleaning up passengers lunch.
  • Work Gloves. So my hands don’t smell like grease, fuel, etc..
  • A broken protractor. I have no idea why that’s there
  • E6B. For when my brain and my calculator fail.
  • Kneeboard. Makes it easy to write things on paper.
  • Extra pencil. In case my main one breaks (I dont like using pen)
  • Licenses. Because its the law
  • Fuel tester. Make sure the right fuel is in the tanks
  • Flashlight. Because it’s the law (especially at night)
  • POH. Because it’s the law (not shown)


I’m curious to know what’s in your flight bag! Feel free to blog about what tools you use for your flights and why.

As well, does anyone have any recommendations for a particular brand/type and a place to buy one?

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5 thoughts on “What’s In Your Flight Bag?

  1. I like having a few extra things:
    – lip baum, sunscreen, hand sanitizer
    – pocket binoculars for checking things out on the ground
    – passport for flying to the US
    My bag is a real simple cheap one. It is big enough for my headset and has a number of extra pockets for the other stuff I bring. The best thing it was significantly cheaper because it wasn’t a “Flight Bag” No one will think less of you because it isn’t a name brand bag either.

  2. Oh yeah, I agree. It doesn’t have to be a “flight bag” per se. Just has to be a bag that can hold all my stuff.
    I’d use a grocery bag if they lasted longer ;)

  3. I just bought a bag from Sky High Gear that is great. It holds both of my headsets, has pockets for organizing my charts and pens/pencils. Also has a special pocket for a handheld radio or GPS. Lots of great organization. Check out the websit at http://www.skyhighgear.com. I have the first duffle bag under their products page, and despite the picture it does not have the large red emblem in the middle of the bag.

  4. For a bag, I like to use a backpack as I can loop it over either the front or back of the right seat. Keeps stuff close but secure.
    I also have what is known in the military as a “Junior General Kit”. It can hold all the flat and small stuff (maps, flight plan, calculator/e6b) and has clear sleeves for maps, plates, etc., as well as a map sleeve on the outside. Very useful and small enough to use in the cockpit and stow anywhere.

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