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Touch and Go’s at Hawyard Airport

It’s great being back in the pilot’s seat again. I’ve started flying in San Francisco, and boy-oh-boy, it’s nothing like back in Toronto. Today’s flight started around 4pm. The weather was great, not a...


Laser Pointers are Dangerous!

Last Friday the Police caught someone shining a laser pointer at a police helicopter: On Friday, August 1, 2014, shortly after midnight, Air2 was in the area of Yonge Street and High Tech Road...

KSFO VFR Flyway Planning Chart

SFO Airspace

Oh, I don’t use paper maps anymore. – Coworker. One of the advantages of flying the USA I guess! A co-worker recommended that I fly out of San Carlos airport (KSQL), so I decided...


Back In The Left Seat

I’ve started blogging again! This time from the west coast of San Francisco, California. I’m in the process of converting my TCCA licence to an FAA license (*nudge* see, American spelling now!). I’ll be...

Russell Maughan and the PW-8 he flew across the United States.

Crissy Field

9:44pm, June 22, 1924. Three minutes before dusk and still no sign of Pilot Russell Maughan. 50,000 people waited at Crissy Field outside of San Francisco for the first ever dawn to dusk transcontinental...


Busiest Airport In Canada for 2012

Stats Canada released their aircraft movement report last week. Some highlights: There were 5.2 Million take-offs and landings at the top 93 airports. The peak month was in July, 2012. Toronto Pearson (CYYZ) was...