Getting back into it.

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, things have been pretty busy.

I’ve had three flights since my last post. All of them have been just fine tuning some of my weaker exercises as well as squishing any bad habits that crept in.

My FI decided to pull the engine to idle at 4000′ to do a forced approach. I am proud to say that I made the field. My previous FIs have always done so at 2000′ or so.

We spent some time in the circuit practicing some performance landings. I keep on putting full flaps in way too early, causing me to add power during the descent. I have a solo booking this weekend where I plan on getting that fine tuned.

After adding up my PTR, it turns out I was short 0.3 hours of x-country time. I took care of that as well, and logged 0.5 hours of x-country.

Review, review, review. Gotta get my mind back into the flight test mode. It’s June and still no PPL.

Flying has taken a higher priority in life now that everything else has settled down for me.

I’ve been seeing some people inside the new tower at Buttonville. Word on the street is that they will transition to it in July or August.

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