Single Engine Multi-Engine non-high performance land aeroplane.

It’s done! My multi-engine ride was a success this morning. I can now fly airplanes with more than one engine!

Take a look at this one. It’s called the boomerang.

The top down view is more impressive

Which do you think is the critical engine?!

My test started with a ground briefing at 9am. So naturally I was at the airport at 8am to ensure the paperwork was all done. Aircraft was airworthy and I took care of my weight and balance. I calculated our landing weight based on two hours at cruise.

We went over the necessary ground items: V speeds, what-if scenarios. How certain systems worked, etc..

The weather was decent for the flight. Winds were around 7 knots, and the vis was great at 4000′. We started off by doing one circuit with a full stop landing. Then departed to the north to take care of all the necessary exercises.

We did everything that was outlined in the FTG, so I’m not going to reiterate them here.

On the way back, we did a single engine approach, with a twist. We were up over Lake Simcoe, on the way back to Buttonville so we decided to do a simulated localizer approach to runway 15.

This was the first localizer approach I have done in this aircraft. Previously I did the NDB 21 approach with my FI.

It’s really handy to be able to cross reference your localizer needle with GPS. My landing this time was better than the first, but still needs some work.

This was a great flight. I had an excellent examiner. I wasn’t as nearly as nervous as I was with my PPL ride. Things went well from the get-go. I scored in the low 80s. I didn’t get a copy of the marking sheet though.

Check one more item off the list.

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8 thoughts on “Single Engine Multi-Engine non-high performance land aeroplane.

  1. Always nice to check another item off the list, congrats. That boomerang is wild looking!

  2. Congrats! I did my ride yesterday but I failed one exercise. The single engine approach. I was taught to maintain 90kts on final (as reference in the POH) but he wanted 75kt over the numbers, so I was out of standard, he also wanted FULL flaps but the POH says 25deg max on single engine approach. Also 2 guys but in front of me and someone was on loooong final. Overall, I got 84, but failed that exercise. Waiting for clear weather to try it again.

  3. Anonymous,
    That’s odd. You shouldn’t have failed that exercise. If the POH calls for 25 flaps and 90KT, then on what grounds does the examiner have to say thats incorrect?

  4. Well, my instructor said it looked like a good approach. Also, I was told there was a dec performance wind shear, so probably would have been good to keep a higher approach speed. Oh well, no biggie, just do the exercise again.

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